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Beginners Workouts


To a beginner the world of working out can seem daunting to say the least but it needn’t be.


Here I will show you the basics and give you sample workouts that you can try out.


The first 2 – 3 months of weightlifting should be taken easy and slow, the body is just adjusting to the new stimulus of exercise, in time the body will naturally adjust to this stimulus and become stronger to deal with these stresses being placed upon it.


Progress in the gym is very important, as the body becomes used to the same exercises and the same weight day after day, then new stresses must be placed on it to force it to adapt yet again, this is progress, this is where harder workouts must be completed and heavier weights used.


Click on the links below to view detailed sample workouts progressing over time.


      Workout 1

      Workout 2

      Workout 3

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