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Fat Loss for Bodybuilders


Its no good having strong, well defined muscles if they are covered by layers of fat, even a small layer of fat can hide well build muscles.

To truly show off your muscles one must try to have as low a body fat percentage as possible.


Here you will learn the basics of fat loss, how to determine your body fat percentage and how to determine how many calories per day you must consume to lose body fat


Basic principles of fat loss


Nutrition : See our nutrition section for more detailed information


Calorie Counting : YES you need to count everything you eat in your day, this means serious commitment but if you are serious about losing weight then it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Count the calories in everything you eat and drink from now on.

At the end of each day add up the calories you consumed for that day.

Now start each day from then on eating less calories than you usually would. This is done by subtracting calories here and there from every meal and finally ending up with 500 calories subtracted in the end.


Cardiovascular Exercise (Cardio) : You need to exercise on a treadmill, exercise bike or some other cardiovascular equipment to up your metabolism and power up your fat loss

See below for the types of equipment.


Weightlifting ( yes believe it or not regular weightlifting is a great way to help with fat loss), not only will you burn calories during the actual weightlifting session, you will also burn more calories for hours afterwards due to your metabolism being raised.


Water and Sleep : Finally be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and get enough sleep.


Furthermore the more muscle mass you have the more calories  you consume on a day to day basis even when you are resting.

This is more incitement to lift weights to pack on that muscle mass.




Anyone hoping to lose fat must have a solid cardio routine in place.

A good 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week should do it.

For beginners start at 3 times per week, start of at 10 minutes a time for a week, then progress to 15 minutes for another week and so on until you get up to 30-40 minutes a week without killing yourself.


Equipment for fat loss include


The Treadmill: Everyone knows what a treadmill is, its simple to use, all you have to do is step on and go.

Before you do though be sure to set it at the right pace for yourself, not too slow or it will be a waste of time and not too fast or you will tire yourself out prematurely.


Exercise Bike: Also an easy apparatus to use, its particularly useful for people with bad joint as there is no impact forces on the body like on a treadmill.


Rowing Machine: A machine every gym should have, this uses the leg muscles and the upper body to great affect, 10 minutes on this machine should work up a sweat no problem.

Be careful not to set the resistance to high or to low and don’t round the back to much.


BMI (Body Mass Index)


There is a formula in place that takes your age, height and weight to determine if a person is underweight or overweight or at optimal weight based on their height. Using the results of this formula one can easily determine how much calories to consume and how much cardio to perform.


Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) using the following formula;


BMI =   Weight (kg)                         Weight (lb)

              Height˛(m˛)      Or   703 x  Height˛ (in)  


An overweight persons BMI would be above 25

A normal persons BMI would be from 18.5 - 25

An underweight persons BMI would be under 18.5


So for example if your BMI is 27

you need to consume approximately 500 less calories per day to lose weight.

30 % from protein

50% from carbohydrates and

20 % from fats



Calories spent during exercise


The following chart show you approximately how many calories you burn in 60 minutes during exercise based on your weight.


Your Weight















Cycling(Slow) 190-200 220-230 270-280 320-330
Cycling(Fast) 320-330 380-390 460-470 540-550
Hiking 330-340 400-410 480-490 550-560
Jogging(Easy) 590-600 690-700 830-840 980-990
Jogging(Hard) 730-740 850-860 1040-1050 1220-1230
Running 1020-1030 1190-1200 1450-1460 1700-1710
Spinning 550-560 640-650 780-790 915-925
Step Aerobics 480-490 595-605 700-710 810-820
Swimming 250-350 280-410 350-520 400-630
Walking(Slow) 250-260 290-300 360-370 420-430
Walking(Fast) 350-360 410-420 490-500 580-590


At the end of every week be sure to weigh yourself. You should expect to lose between 1 and 2 pounds per week. Any more and its unhealthy, any less and you are doing something wrong, either step up your cardio, eat less calories or just plain stop raiding the fridge at night.

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