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Gym Glossary


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Positive: This is also referred to as the concentric contraction. The contraction of a muscle against gravity. For example pushing a barbell upwards during a bench press or pulling a dumbbell upwards during a dumbbell row.


Pump: The largeness of your muscles when they are engorged with blood after intense exercise.


Pyramiding: Pyramiding refers to an advanced technique in which you progressively increase the weight on your bar and decrease the rep range for each successive set of an exercise.


Quads: The word quads is slang for quadriceps which is that large muscle group on the front of your leg, these muscle extend your legs to the straight position.


Range of Motion (ROM): Refers to the full limit of motion that a certain limb can extend.


Reps: Reps are short for repetitions, which is how many of an exercise through a full range of motion you can perform in a single set. For example you can complete 10 reps of a bench press, which means you lower and push the weight up again 10 times or 10 reps.


Ripped: Ripped is another term for "Definition"


Sets: A set is the completed rep movement of an exercise. This is where you complete the full amount of reps in a movement.

To perform 4 sets of 10 reps of an exercise means you perform 10 reps, rest and do that again for a further 3 times thus completing that particular exercise for that muscle group


Smith Machine: This an machine that holds a bar in in place on vertical poles where it can slide up and down smoothly.

Uses safety stop positions at different intervals.


Split: A workout split is dividing your body parts up into different days to work them.


Spotting: Spotting is where you have another person standing near you when you are lifting weights to insure you can get the weight up or make sure you don't crush yourself under a too heavy load.

The spotter can also help you to perform extra reps for an exercise which you wouldn't be able to on your own thus helping you to fatigue your muscles further.


Superset: Supersets are two exercises performed back to back with no rest in between.


Traps: Your traps is your trapezium muscle , which is that triangular shaped muscle that runs from under your neck to your middle back. Often a source of strain when bent over work for long periods of time, well developed trap muscles and a good massage once and a while will help to get rid of annoying neck pain.


Tri's: Your tri's refer to your triceps which are the muscle that run underneath your arm from your shoulder to your forearm, they help extend the arm to the straight position.


Volume: Term uses to describe the amount of exercise done over a time period.


Wheels: Like guns, wheels is slang for a highly developed body part, in this case it refers to your legs.


Workout: A combination of exercises performed in succession with brief rest periods between them.


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